Lions Look To Brighten Outlook v Saints

The Lions come in to their game vs the Saints one dropped ball away from being 2-1, facing off against the banged up Saints, they started red hot. The Lions would march down and score on their first possession, then, intercept Drew Brees. The Lions would score on their first two possessions. The Saints didn’tContinue reading “Lions Look To Brighten Outlook v Saints”

The D-Town Defensive Woes Continue.

If Dallas lost Dak Prescott, they would have no offense. Their defense continues to struggle against the big play. The Dallas strategy seems to be let the other team run up the score and see if Dak can bring the team back. Cleveland looked like they were championship contenders, but that may be the backContinue reading “The D-Town Defensive Woes Continue.”

Dawgs Put Down The Reigning Champs

LSU clashed with Mississippi State in what most thought would be a double digit LSU win. The air raid entered Death Valley in uninspiring fashion. The first quarter was a tale of Mississippi State starting backed up on their end of the field, getting a chunk of yards, then, giving the ball back to LSU.Continue reading “Dawgs Put Down The Reigning Champs”

Projections for week 3

Cowboys vs. Seahawks Projection: Cowboys The Cowboys have a top passing offense under Kellen Moore, and the Seahawks have an awful pass rush after losing Clowney. They will have to decide to bring in extra LBs and Adams, freeing up Cowboys receivers such as Gallup, Cooper, and Lamb. I think one has to worry aboutContinue reading “Projections for week 3”

Death, Taxes, Lions Choking Vs Packers…

In typical Lions fashion, they take a 14 – 3 lead in the first quarter just to lose it. Every season the Lions seem to scheme well for the Packers early, but Patricia has shown a complete inability to make in-game adjustments to keep his team in the important matches. Aaron Rodgers is usually theContinue reading “Death, Taxes, Lions Choking Vs Packers…”

SEC Season Predictions!

Four New Coaches and eight pre-season ranked teams. The conference is stacked, the teams are stacked, yet we aren’t quite sure how each team will perform this year. Let’s make some predictions. SEC East Vanderbilt: 1 – 9 Vandy’s returning cast is subpar, and the only positive coming with the state of the season isContinue reading “SEC Season Predictions!”

The Big 12’s Fall From The Power Five

With Oklahoma State University’s struggle with Tulsa this weekend, one has to take a moment to wonder if the Big 12 is a top conference anymore. While Tulsa fans will likely tell you that they’re underrated, they are a 4 win team at best. Oklahoma State is picked as one of the best teams inContinue reading “The Big 12’s Fall From The Power Five”