Week Four Recap

I was right! Bill O’Brien got axed, the more responsibility you have over a team’s success, the more you’ll get held accountable. After an 0-4 start, as the GM and HC, Bill O’Brien got the blame for the failure to launch.

The Cowboys are an onside kick away from being 1-3 and it looks like they will continue to struggle until these massive contracts for unproductive players come to an end. D-Law gets paid a whole bag, but Aldon Smith and Robert Quinn have out produced him. They could get more production from a third round pick for a third of the price. Expect Mike Nolan to be axed in the next two weeks if they can’t manage a win.

I’d also expect Dan Quinn to be axed by the end of the first six weeks. He hasn’t been able to keep the team from dropping huge leads, and he has enough talent on the roster that should probably be in the perennial playoff team conversation. Maybe they should address Julio Jones’ contract. Of the top paid WRs, the Bucs, Browns, Chiefs, and Cards are the only one in the right direction. However, none of the teams with a receiver in the top four highest paid are playoff contenders (unless you consider the Cowboys).

Adam Gase may be facing the coach guillotine soon as well. The offensive coach has failed to score much and the QB expert hasn’t been able to develop Sam Darnold. Darnold, in one of the most important years of his career, has shown little development, and we may see the Jets transition to a new QB.

The Cowboys may look to offload some of these massive expenditures this season. They have four very talented WRs, so we may see Gallup or Cooper moved for picks. Zeke’s production has been mediocre and his turnovers have become an issue, so they may look to offload him and secure Boyd, Hill, or Harris in the offseason.

Judge and Garrett of the Giants will benefit from the no offseason excuse and the loss of Barkley contributes to the cover for the two coaches. Problem is the NYG will jump behind Judge like the Lions jumped behind Patricia.

Speaking on Patricia, the Lions will likely move on this season. They haven’t seen much development, and if anything the defense has cost them four games. The offense jumps out in front then they fail to secure the win.

Below are some highlights from the weekend! Enjoy 🙂

Lions Look To Brighten Outlook v Saints

The Lions come in to their game vs the Saints one dropped ball away from being 2-1, facing off against the banged up Saints, they started red hot.

The Lions would march down and score on their first possession, then, intercept Drew Brees. The Lions would score on their first two possessions. The Saints didn’t go away in the first quarter though, scoring on their second drive to bring the score to 7-14.

The Saints would rely heavy on their run game in the second quarter, and even the score at 14 a piece. The mixture of Latavius Murray and Alvin Kamara work so well together.

The Saints defense bended all the way to the goal line just to pick off Stafford in the end zone to end the Lions push. New Orleans would flip the field and Drew Brees would find Smith in the end zone.

Late in the second quarter, Drew Brees looked like he had paid for Simply Safe, nobody could break into his pocket. The Lions man coverage was good, but Sean Payton was better.

Coming out of halftime, the Saints salted away most of the 3rd quarter with their opening drive, and their defensive line brought the heat, pressuring Stafford often. However, when Patricia lets Stafford cook in the pocket, he uses that cannon effectively.

The Saints run game felt unstoppable all game. The Lions speed package couldn’t stop the run and the LBs couldn’t match up with Kamara in the pass game.

Overall it was a valiant effort by the Lions, but the Saints were bound to rebound, and there was no way future HOF QB Drew Brees was going to fall to 0-4 without Thomas.

The D-Town Defensive Woes Continue.

If Dallas lost Dak Prescott, they would have no offense. Their defense continues to struggle against the big play. The Dallas strategy seems to be let the other team run up the score and see if Dak can bring the team back.

Cleveland looked like they were championship contenders, but that may be the back up tackle against Garrett or the non-existent defense crumbling to Baker and the Browns offense.

There is no way that DC Mike Nolan makes it through the season. The Cowboys can’t sit around and face a season of terrible defense. McCarthy will likely stay because a failure there would be an indictment on Jerry Jones’ decision making, but Nolan can slide out the back door and they can bring in someone better like Romeo Crennel or Marvin Lewis. Say what you will about Lewis, but he was a very good DC just didn’t translate to a great Head Coach.

There is no excuse for a premier franchise to be consistently mediocre.

As far as the offense goes, Kellen Moore must fix the slow starts for the offense. Sure the Cowboys scored 2 early touchdowns, but they had 2 first half turnovers. You have to change the blocking schemes to account for Garrett, you have to script your first 15-20 plays better, and you have to have some plays on deck for the 2 min drill (2-7 in one possession games since Moore took over the offense).

Look at a roster with as much talent as Dallas’ and explain what could be the disconnect. It isn’t Dak, the man is playing at an elite level, they have clearly dropped the bag for a running back that they could have gotten the same production from the draft, and they have overloaded at receiver when they should have probably used two picks to reload on defense.

In the last two drafts, Juan Thornhill, David Montgomery, D. K. Metcalf, and Maxx Crosby were on the board (2019); also, Patrick Queen, K’Lavon Chaisson, and Xavier McKinney (2020). Instead of reaching for Hill or adding surplus offense with Lamb, they could have bolstered their defense with young skilled players. They definitely need to address Demarcus Lawrence’s lack of production the last two seasons.

McCarthy may yet work out, for in his last two coaching endeavors he took his team to the conference championship and Super Bowl (respectively) in the third season with the team. However, you might wonder if they went after the wrong player, and Richard will have to address his horrendous secondary play.

The Cowboys have held a lead (before the game vs Cleveland) for 7 snaps this season.

How does the Dallas faithful watch a team that clearly doesn’t understand analytics? timing? preparation?

Gators Thrash Ole Miss

The Florida Gators traveled into Vaught-Hemingway Stadium and dropped a 50 burger on the….Bears….Rebels….Landsharks…the Ole Miss Football Team.

Live Updates: No. 5 Florida 51 vs. Ole Miss 35; FINAL

Ole Miss fans rejoiced after keeping the game close after one quarter, 14-7. Ole Miss would go on to tie the game in the second quarter.

14-14 : Kyle Trask activated. 4:19 left in the half, Florida would pull ahead 21-14. Ole Miss couldn’t run out the clock, or get a first down for that matter, and would punt it back to Florida. Trask would lead his team down the field and push the score to 28-14.

Kyle Pitts had a break out game, especially in that first half. The Kyle-to-Kyle connection was alive and well for 170 today.

For all the talk of John Rhys Plumlee as an athlete, Lane Kiffin would get him 1 pass for 3 yards, and 4 rushes for 4 yards. I guess the “fifth most intriguing player in the SEC” could only manage five yards.

Early game defense looked rusty for Florida, but by the midway point of the second quarter, Grantham had his player running on all cylinders. The Ole Miss football team couldn’t keep up, but who assumed they could?

Trask had a break out game, and I think I will be right in my season projections for both these teams.

OU Rattled Sooner Than They Hoped

Known for their failures in the CFP, one would expect OU to be able to get past a KSU team that had fallen to Arkansas State last week.

Kansas State vs Oklahoma picks and predictions for September 26

Young phenom, Spencer Rattler, started as hot as a QB can start.

The Sooners would enter halftime with a 21-7 lead. As late as 2:46 left, OU was up 35-14. You would think that Riley’s explosive offense led by one of the top QB recruits could salt away the game and keep his team up.

You would be mistaken. For the second straight year, OU would let KSU claw back into the game and pull out an absolutely shocking upset of the number 3 ranked team.

Skylar Thompson would have 4 touchdowns (3 on the ground and 1 in the air). The comeback would be capped off with a blocked punt and a huge run by Deuce Vaughn to tie the teams up 35-35.

The following drive for KSU would lead to the game winning field goal, and the cats would cap off the win with an interception against Rattler.

Take away: OU is still soft, the defense can’t make a stop when they need it, so please don’t put them in the CFP. OU for the first time in 3 years is being led by a young buck, so there is not much heart and composure at the QB position. KSU is kryptonite for OU until OU goes on the road and beats them. Lastly, preseason rankings are awful judges of a team’s skill and crushing some D2 team isn’t a good yard stick either.

Dawgs Put Down The Reigning Champs

LSU clashed with Mississippi State in what most thought would be a double digit LSU win.

BR.mississippistatelsu.092720 HS 574.JPG

The air raid entered Death Valley in uninspiring fashion. The first quarter was a tale of Mississippi State starting backed up on their end of the field, getting a chunk of yards, then, giving the ball back to LSU. The first quarter ended a whopping 3-0.

The second quarter wouldn’t follow suit.

KJ Costello threw his first three touchdowns; however, the first guy was wearing yellow and white and took it in for 7 on the int.

KJ went on to find Shavers for 31 yards in the end zone, and he would find Mitchell for 43 and another 7 late in the second.

The receiving numbers were crazy for Mississippi State in Mike Leach’s first game at the helm.

I imagine the production of Heath and Marks will continue to increase, but the air raid fed many mouths. They couldn’t rush the ball, but who needs to when you can go one play, 75 yards, 6 points, in 15 seconds? Obviously, Mississippi State will have to grow in that department before they go to Tuscaloosa.

Can we also take a minute to acknowledge that the Myles Brennan love fest in Death Valley is about over. He will grow, and like I said on Twitter, LSU will have to rely on the running backs to set the pace of the offense.

The game yo-yo’d between 3 point Mississippi State leads to 4 point LSU leads, then, 10 point Mississippi State leads to tied ball games.

The final quarter was a thrilling 15 minutes, with KJ Costello turning into a turnover machine, and putting the Mississippi State lead in jeopardy.

KJ set the record for SEC passing, and for the first time since 1978 did the reigning champs lose their home opener.

The overlooked defense of Mississippi State showed tons of development from last season. The secondary was lackluster, despite 2 ints, but the linebackers and d-line were incredible.

The front seven of Mississippi State reached Brennan six times, making him eat dirt and clean himself off often. There were moments where they were gashed up the middle, but they were able to hold LSU often when their offense needed the stop.

Number six fall to the pirate at home. Kylin looks like a 64 pick next year. KJ is trying to recreate Joe Burrow magic, and those receivers of Mississippi State have been overlooked for so long, they finally have a QB who can stretch the field and let them go get under deep throws.

LSU looked awful in the secondary, but great in the front four. Coach O isn’t a great coach, but last year he got super lucky with his assistant coaches. The new team will struggle early this season.

Projections for week 3

Cowboys vs. Seahawks

Projection: Cowboys

The Cowboys have a top passing offense under Kellen Moore, and the Seahawks have an awful pass rush after losing Clowney. They will have to decide to bring in extra LBs and Adams, freeing up Cowboys receivers such as Gallup, Cooper, and Lamb. I think one has to worry about the Dallas defense after last weekend, but I think the rookies are coming along and Aldon Smith will get there.

Lines: Seahawks -5, +/- 55.5

Pound the over, and take the Cowboys.

Eagles vs Bengals

Projection: Bengals

Bengals will get their first win with Burrows, and with the Eagle injuries I don’t think it is far fetched to think the Bengals might bury the Eagles early to give their rookie QB some confidence after some rookie mistakes.

Lines: Eagles -5.5, +/- 46.5

Take the Bengals. Ride the under.

Giants vs. 49ers

Projections: 49ers

Everyone might be hurt on the 49ers, but the Giants are also very banged up at skill positions, and I think that the 49ers will skate out with a win.

Lines: Giants +4, +/-41.5

Ride the under. Take the Giants line.

Football Team vs Browns

Projections: Browns

They feast on weak teams, and the Football Team probably needs another year. expect Washington to get pressure on Baker, but the secondary is still weak.

Lines: Browns -7, +/- 45

Take Washington on the line and pound the over.

Texans vs. Steelers

Projections: Steelers

The Texans don’t have an offense at the moment, and the Steelers offense seems to be off to the races. Plus the Steelers have that nasty defense, while the Texans don’t this season.

Lines: Steelers -4, +/- 45

Take the Steelers, pound the over.

Ravens vs. Chiefs

Projections: Ravens

This is going to be a top notch game. Lamar keeps improving, and the defense is stout. The Chiefs are well rounded and this should be tight.

Lines: Ravens -3.5, +/- 54

Take the Ravens, and pound the over.

Chargers vs. Panthers

Projections: Chargers

The Chargers are rolling with their dynamic rookie QB, and I think the Panthers are still working on translating their playbooks from college to the league.

Lines:  Chargers-6.5, +/- 44.5

Take the Chargers and the Under.

Raiders vs. Patriots

Projections: Patriots

The Patriots looked good even in their loss. The secondary of the Pats didn’t look great, but I assume they’ll bounce back this week. The Raiders are a young team, and I expect that Belichick will continue to add wrinkles to the defense.

Lines: Patriots -6, +/- 47.5

Ride with the Raiders’ line, and pound the over.

Buccaneers vs. Broncos

Projections: Buccaneers

The Broncos lost their QB and their top WR this week, and I don’t see the offense lighting up the scoreboard. Brady will continue to grow with the new offense.

Lines: Broncos +6, +/- 43.5

Take the Bucs line, and the under.

Titans vs. Vikings

Projections: Titans

The Vikings have been dismal this season so far. Their offense is sluggish, their defense is young, and they aren’t able to keep up with their division, and it isn’t changing when they face King Henry.

Lines: Vikings +2.5, +/- 49

Take the Titans line, and the under.

Jaguars vs. Dolphins

Projections: Jaguars

The Jags are playing great, even in a loss, they looked good against the Titans in week 2. I expect that they’ll keep growing and Minshew Mania will best Fitz-magic.

Lines: Jaguars -3, +/- 48

Jags line and pound the over.

Colts vs. Jets

Projections: Colts

The Jets couldn’t beat the 49ers when the niners lost: their defensive line, QB, and top receiver. The whole team was gone and the Jets couldn’t win. The Jets lost two of their top receivers, so their offense will get worse.

Lines: Colts -11, +/- 44

I’d take the Colts line even though it’s huge, and pound the over.

Rams vs Bills

Projections: Bills

The Bills are a top team with an experienced defense. I think it will be tight, but these teams should match up well.

Lines: Bills -2.5, +/- 48

Take the Bills’ line, and ride the under.

Lions vs. Cardinals

Projections: Cardinals

Patricia doesn’t seem capable of putting together a team win, and the Cardinals are so dynamic this season. I think the Cardinals move to acquire D.Hop is paying dividends early.

Lines: Cardinals -6, +/- 55

Ride the Lions’ line, and ride the under.

Bears vs. Falcons

Projections: Falcons

The Falcons were embarrassed last week against the Cowboys, and I expect them to try to salvage some pride. Mitch might wake up for work, but odds aren’t likely.

Lines: Falcons -3, +/- 48

Falcons line, pound the over.

Packers vs. Saints

Projections: Packers

The Packers offense is running on all cylinders, and the Saints’ offense is struggling without Thomas.

Lines: Saints -3, +/- 52.5

Hit the Packers’ line and pound the over.

Projections Vs. Reality

This weekend I went 13-3, and here’s where I was wrong.

Bears vs. Giants

I figured that Mitch is average at best, Nagy is okay, and the Giants have to be good eventually. Unfortunately, Barkley goes down and sets them back on offense. I still think the Giants put up a good losing effort, but it is still a losing effort.

Raiders vs. Saints

I love the raiders this season, but I underestimated the passing game of the Saints without Thomas on the field. I figured the Raiders were a year away…they might be ready to challenge the Chiefs.

Colts vs. Vikings

I am not a believer in the Rivers experiment still, and I figured that Cousins might be decent since he’s being paid so much, but I was wrong. That young secondary is going to take some time to develop.

What In The Wide Wide Jerry World Is Going On?

The honeymoon with Mike McCarthy and the Dallas Cowboys fan base is over, Dak remains consistent, and Dallas Cowboys pull out a stunner in week two.

Dallas Cowboys Team News - NFL | FOX Sports | FOX Sports

The Dallas Cowboys fell behind 20-0 in the first quarter on the three lost fumbles. The Atlanta Falcons put up 17 points on turnovers in the first quarter. By the end of the first half, the Falcons had a 29-10 lead with little life left on the Cowboys sideline.

Jason Garrett was widely regarded as too conservative, but in Mike McCarthy is already being accused of being irresponsible with his risks. In week one, McCarthy went for it on fourth down while inside the 10 yard line with the tying touchdown directly in front of them.

Week two was no different. Mike went for fake punts twice, and has drawn harsh criticism for taking the ball out of Dak’s hands.

Dak went 34 for 47 for 450 yards. Dak was responsible for one fumble while trying to scramble out of a sack, but had 3 rushing TDs and a fourth in the air.

The Cowboys rallied behind the leadership of Dak Prescott, and were able to fight back into the game, getting the game to 29-24 by the end of the third quarter.

Atlanta was up 39-24 with roughly eight minutes left, and yet personalities like Shannon Sharpe blame Dan Quinn and Atlanta’s Ben Kotwica (Special Teams Coordinator). Dak Prescott was the hero of the game, and despite not having a long term deal, he put his body on the line with five rushes.

Lamb and Cooper both had 100+ receiving games, and Gallup contributed with two catches for 58 yards. Gallup also had one of the biggest catches of the game with a 38 yard catch on the sideline giving the Cowboys the ball on the Atlanta five, leading to a touchdown to put the cowboys down by only two.

Saints Fall In Sin City

The Las Vegas Raiders defeat saints in their maiden game in their new stadium.

The defense of the Saints opened the game dominant, and until late in the first half, the Saints seemed to be in the drivers seat.

The offense of the Saints started off strong, but was eventually relegated to passes to Kamara and Smith. Kamara’s stat line earned his pay tonight, but he was still out rushed by Jacobs and he wasn’t able to match Darren Waller’s contribution to the Raiders’ receiving game.

The Saints were able to hold everyone not named Waller to 3 or less receptions. However, the run game of Jacobs and Richard were more than the Saints could handle. Running the ball is often the key to controlling the clock, and when you’re trying to salt away the clock and keep Brees on the sideline, your run game is your biggest ally.

Arnette and Abrams comprise a young secondary that were able to hold Brees to only one TD. Overall don’t sleep on the Raiders, they’re about a year or two out. When they give Ruggs a compliment in in the WR game, expect him to be lethal.