Week Four Recap

I was right! Bill O’Brien got axed, the more responsibility you have over a team’s success, the more you’ll get held accountable. After an 0-4 start, as the GM and HC, Bill O’Brien got the blame for the failure to launch.

The Cowboys are an onside kick away from being 1-3 and it looks like they will continue to struggle until these massive contracts for unproductive players come to an end. D-Law gets paid a whole bag, but Aldon Smith and Robert Quinn have out produced him. They could get more production from a third round pick for a third of the price. Expect Mike Nolan to be axed in the next two weeks if they can’t manage a win.

I’d also expect Dan Quinn to be axed by the end of the first six weeks. He hasn’t been able to keep the team from dropping huge leads, and he has enough talent on the roster that should probably be in the perennial playoff team conversation. Maybe they should address Julio Jones’ contract. Of the top paid WRs, the Bucs, Browns, Chiefs, and Cards are the only one in the right direction. However, none of the teams with a receiver in the top four highest paid are playoff contenders (unless you consider the Cowboys).

Adam Gase may be facing the coach guillotine soon as well. The offensive coach has failed to score much and the QB expert hasn’t been able to develop Sam Darnold. Darnold, in one of the most important years of his career, has shown little development, and we may see the Jets transition to a new QB.

The Cowboys may look to offload some of these massive expenditures this season. They have four very talented WRs, so we may see Gallup or Cooper moved for picks. Zeke’s production has been mediocre and his turnovers have become an issue, so they may look to offload him and secure Boyd, Hill, or Harris in the offseason.

Judge and Garrett of the Giants will benefit from the no offseason excuse and the loss of Barkley contributes to the cover for the two coaches. Problem is the NYG will jump behind Judge like the Lions jumped behind Patricia.

Speaking on Patricia, the Lions will likely move on this season. They haven’t seen much development, and if anything the defense has cost them four games. The offense jumps out in front then they fail to secure the win.

Below are some highlights from the weekend! Enjoy 🙂

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Analytics and Stats specialist.

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