The D-Town Defensive Woes Continue.

If Dallas lost Dak Prescott, they would have no offense. Their defense continues to struggle against the big play. The Dallas strategy seems to be let the other team run up the score and see if Dak can bring the team back.

Cleveland looked like they were championship contenders, but that may be the back up tackle against Garrett or the non-existent defense crumbling to Baker and the Browns offense.

There is no way that DC Mike Nolan makes it through the season. The Cowboys can’t sit around and face a season of terrible defense. McCarthy will likely stay because a failure there would be an indictment on Jerry Jones’ decision making, but Nolan can slide out the back door and they can bring in someone better like Romeo Crennel or Marvin Lewis. Say what you will about Lewis, but he was a very good DC just didn’t translate to a great Head Coach.

There is no excuse for a premier franchise to be consistently mediocre.

As far as the offense goes, Kellen Moore must fix the slow starts for the offense. Sure the Cowboys scored 2 early touchdowns, but they had 2 first half turnovers. You have to change the blocking schemes to account for Garrett, you have to script your first 15-20 plays better, and you have to have some plays on deck for the 2 min drill (2-7 in one possession games since Moore took over the offense).

Look at a roster with as much talent as Dallas’ and explain what could be the disconnect. It isn’t Dak, the man is playing at an elite level, they have clearly dropped the bag for a running back that they could have gotten the same production from the draft, and they have overloaded at receiver when they should have probably used two picks to reload on defense.

In the last two drafts, Juan Thornhill, David Montgomery, D. K. Metcalf, and Maxx Crosby were on the board (2019); also, Patrick Queen, K’Lavon Chaisson, and Xavier McKinney (2020). Instead of reaching for Hill or adding surplus offense with Lamb, they could have bolstered their defense with young skilled players. They definitely need to address Demarcus Lawrence’s lack of production the last two seasons.

McCarthy may yet work out, for in his last two coaching endeavors he took his team to the conference championship and Super Bowl (respectively) in the third season with the team. However, you might wonder if they went after the wrong player, and Richard will have to address his horrendous secondary play.

The Cowboys have held a lead (before the game vs Cleveland) for 7 snaps this season.

How does the Dallas faithful watch a team that clearly doesn’t understand analytics? timing? preparation?

Published by J. Apollo Abraham

Analytics and Stats specialist.

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