Lions Look To Brighten Outlook v Saints

The Lions come in to their game vs the Saints one dropped ball away from being 2-1, facing off against the banged up Saints, they started red hot.

The Lions would march down and score on their first possession, then, intercept Drew Brees. The Lions would score on their first two possessions. The Saints didn’t go away in the first quarter though, scoring on their second drive to bring the score to 7-14.

The Saints would rely heavy on their run game in the second quarter, and even the score at 14 a piece. The mixture of Latavius Murray and Alvin Kamara work so well together.

The Saints defense bended all the way to the goal line just to pick off Stafford in the end zone to end the Lions push. New Orleans would flip the field and Drew Brees would find Smith in the end zone.

Late in the second quarter, Drew Brees looked like he had paid for Simply Safe, nobody could break into his pocket. The Lions man coverage was good, but Sean Payton was better.

Coming out of halftime, the Saints salted away most of the 3rd quarter with their opening drive, and their defensive line brought the heat, pressuring Stafford often. However, when Patricia lets Stafford cook in the pocket, he uses that cannon effectively.

The Saints run game felt unstoppable all game. The Lions speed package couldn’t stop the run and the LBs couldn’t match up with Kamara in the pass game.

Overall it was a valiant effort by the Lions, but the Saints were bound to rebound, and there was no way future HOF QB Drew Brees was going to fall to 0-4 without Thomas.

Published by J. Apollo Abraham

Analytics and Stats specialist.

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