OU Rattled Sooner Than They Hoped

Known for their failures in the CFP, one would expect OU to be able to get past a KSU team that had fallen to Arkansas State last week.

Kansas State vs Oklahoma picks and predictions for September 26

Young phenom, Spencer Rattler, started as hot as a QB can start.

The Sooners would enter halftime with a 21-7 lead. As late as 2:46 left, OU was up 35-14. You would think that Riley’s explosive offense led by one of the top QB recruits could salt away the game and keep his team up.

You would be mistaken. For the second straight year, OU would let KSU claw back into the game and pull out an absolutely shocking upset of the number 3 ranked team.

Skylar Thompson would have 4 touchdowns (3 on the ground and 1 in the air). The comeback would be capped off with a blocked punt and a huge run by Deuce Vaughn to tie the teams up 35-35.

The following drive for KSU would lead to the game winning field goal, and the cats would cap off the win with an interception against Rattler.

Take away: OU is still soft, the defense can’t make a stop when they need it, so please don’t put them in the CFP. OU for the first time in 3 years is being led by a young buck, so there is not much heart and composure at the QB position. KSU is kryptonite for OU until OU goes on the road and beats them. Lastly, preseason rankings are awful judges of a team’s skill and crushing some D2 team isn’t a good yard stick either.

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Analytics and Stats specialist.

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