Projections for week 3

Cowboys vs. Seahawks

Projection: Cowboys

The Cowboys have a top passing offense under Kellen Moore, and the Seahawks have an awful pass rush after losing Clowney. They will have to decide to bring in extra LBs and Adams, freeing up Cowboys receivers such as Gallup, Cooper, and Lamb. I think one has to worry about the Dallas defense after last weekend, but I think the rookies are coming along and Aldon Smith will get there.

Lines: Seahawks -5, +/- 55.5

Pound the over, and take the Cowboys.

Eagles vs Bengals

Projection: Bengals

Bengals will get their first win with Burrows, and with the Eagle injuries I don’t think it is far fetched to think the Bengals might bury the Eagles early to give their rookie QB some confidence after some rookie mistakes.

Lines: Eagles -5.5, +/- 46.5

Take the Bengals. Ride the under.

Giants vs. 49ers

Projections: 49ers

Everyone might be hurt on the 49ers, but the Giants are also very banged up at skill positions, and I think that the 49ers will skate out with a win.

Lines: Giants +4, +/-41.5

Ride the under. Take the Giants line.

Football Team vs Browns

Projections: Browns

They feast on weak teams, and the Football Team probably needs another year. expect Washington to get pressure on Baker, but the secondary is still weak.

Lines: Browns -7, +/- 45

Take Washington on the line and pound the over.

Texans vs. Steelers

Projections: Steelers

The Texans don’t have an offense at the moment, and the Steelers offense seems to be off to the races. Plus the Steelers have that nasty defense, while the Texans don’t this season.

Lines: Steelers -4, +/- 45

Take the Steelers, pound the over.

Ravens vs. Chiefs

Projections: Ravens

This is going to be a top notch game. Lamar keeps improving, and the defense is stout. The Chiefs are well rounded and this should be tight.

Lines: Ravens -3.5, +/- 54

Take the Ravens, and pound the over.

Chargers vs. Panthers

Projections: Chargers

The Chargers are rolling with their dynamic rookie QB, and I think the Panthers are still working on translating their playbooks from college to the league.

Lines:  Chargers-6.5, +/- 44.5

Take the Chargers and the Under.

Raiders vs. Patriots

Projections: Patriots

The Patriots looked good even in their loss. The secondary of the Pats didn’t look great, but I assume they’ll bounce back this week. The Raiders are a young team, and I expect that Belichick will continue to add wrinkles to the defense.

Lines: Patriots -6, +/- 47.5

Ride with the Raiders’ line, and pound the over.

Buccaneers vs. Broncos

Projections: Buccaneers

The Broncos lost their QB and their top WR this week, and I don’t see the offense lighting up the scoreboard. Brady will continue to grow with the new offense.

Lines: Broncos +6, +/- 43.5

Take the Bucs line, and the under.

Titans vs. Vikings

Projections: Titans

The Vikings have been dismal this season so far. Their offense is sluggish, their defense is young, and they aren’t able to keep up with their division, and it isn’t changing when they face King Henry.

Lines: Vikings +2.5, +/- 49

Take the Titans line, and the under.

Jaguars vs. Dolphins

Projections: Jaguars

The Jags are playing great, even in a loss, they looked good against the Titans in week 2. I expect that they’ll keep growing and Minshew Mania will best Fitz-magic.

Lines: Jaguars -3, +/- 48

Jags line and pound the over.

Colts vs. Jets

Projections: Colts

The Jets couldn’t beat the 49ers when the niners lost: their defensive line, QB, and top receiver. The whole team was gone and the Jets couldn’t win. The Jets lost two of their top receivers, so their offense will get worse.

Lines: Colts -11, +/- 44

I’d take the Colts line even though it’s huge, and pound the over.

Rams vs Bills

Projections: Bills

The Bills are a top team with an experienced defense. I think it will be tight, but these teams should match up well.

Lines: Bills -2.5, +/- 48

Take the Bills’ line, and ride the under.

Lions vs. Cardinals

Projections: Cardinals

Patricia doesn’t seem capable of putting together a team win, and the Cardinals are so dynamic this season. I think the Cardinals move to acquire D.Hop is paying dividends early.

Lines: Cardinals -6, +/- 55

Ride the Lions’ line, and ride the under.

Bears vs. Falcons

Projections: Falcons

The Falcons were embarrassed last week against the Cowboys, and I expect them to try to salvage some pride. Mitch might wake up for work, but odds aren’t likely.

Lines: Falcons -3, +/- 48

Falcons line, pound the over.

Packers vs. Saints

Projections: Packers

The Packers offense is running on all cylinders, and the Saints’ offense is struggling without Thomas.

Lines: Saints -3, +/- 52.5

Hit the Packers’ line and pound the over.

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