Philly Gets Rammed By Los Angeles

The inability of Wentz and the Eagles to get into the endzone during the entire second half helps emphasize the lack of development by the Eagles in the offseason. I have long predicted that the Eagles didn’t grow much this offseason, sure they got Darius “Big Play” Slay, who else? The Eagles lack depth, and they are relying on Wentz to be elite. Unfortunately, Wentz is not as elite as the Eagles fans believe he is.

The Rams on the other hand, have reverted to their Super Bowl form. They limit their formations and motions to confuse defenses and give Goff easy reads and easy underneath routes. The coming out of Higbee has given Goff such a deadly weapon, and I believe that at this pace, we will be talking about Higbee like he is a Kittle/Kelce type TE.

Wentz went 0-2 (TD-INT) vs Goff who went 3-0. The Rams also went for 191 on the ground with seven players contributing to the rushing effort. The Rams also took control of the time of possession and won the turnover battle. Overall, I think we’re beginning to see the Rams return to true form, and the Eagles are showing their true colors early in the season.

Published by J. Apollo Abraham

Analytics and Stats specialist.

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