Death, Taxes, Lions Choking Vs Packers…

In typical Lions fashion, they take a 14 – 3 lead in the first quarter just to lose it. Every season the Lions seem to scheme well for the Packers early, but Patricia has shown a complete inability to make in-game adjustments to keep his team in the important matches.

Aaron Rodgers is usually the one to carry the Packers to victory against his divisional rivals, but today the Lions were as good at stopping the run as a strainer is at carrying water. The packers put up 259 yards on the ground as they wore away the Detroit defense, and insult to injury, the Lions’ leading rusher would have been the third best rusher on the Packers. Stafford barely out throws Rodgers, but his run game is absolutely non-existent.

The Lions lost the turnover battle and the time of possession battle. The Lions gave away 4 free first downs vs Green Bay only giving up one first down on penalties. Stafford also took four sacks compared to Rodgers only taking one, the four sacks added up to 26 yards lost.

The Lions still have a chance to turn the season right. If Patricia doesn’t learn to make quarterly adjustments, he might as well turn in his play-calling sheet.

Published by J. Apollo Abraham

Analytics and Stats specialist.

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