Colts Stomp The Young Vikings

Vikings fans, you’ve been spoiled, but not this year. I am not a believer of the Phillip Rivers experiment in Indy, but this week he out played Cousins. Cousins basically handed Indy the win, with 3 INTs, and the Vikings were never in the game from the start.

Kirk Cousins had a 15.9 QBR and no touchdowns. It is dismal. The outlook doesn’t get any better after you dumped Diggs, expecting Thielen to carry you. The Vikings made the critical miscalculation of thinking that your number two would seamlessly transition into the lead spot.

Let’s take a minute to talk about the elite rusher that Jonathan Taylor seems to be developing into. In his first game as a lead back, Taylor had 101 yards and his first TD. As for the rookies in Minnesota: Dantzler had no impact on the game, Gladney had six tackles, and Jefferson had 3 receptions for 44 yards. Vikings rookies had to be good this season for them to have an ounce of success like they had the last few years.

Published by J. Apollo Abraham

Analytics and Stats specialist.

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