The Big 12’s Fall From The Power Five

With Oklahoma State University’s struggle with Tulsa this weekend, one has to take a moment to wonder if the Big 12 is a top conference anymore.

While Tulsa fans will likely tell you that they’re underrated, they are a 4 win team at best. Oklahoma State is picked as one of the best teams in the conference. Their friend, Iowa State, were in the same conversation a week ago, and both teams struggled with much lesser opponents. OSU was lucky to pull out a win after trailing 3-7 most of the afternoon. Yes I get it, their QB1 went down, but OSU is a much better team all around on paper. Besides, the second string quarterback should have been in by the middle of the third quarter, and he should have thrown a touchdown or two to make room for QB3 for the last two minutes.

The whole conference has either been an embarrassment to the power five community or would be a subpar team in the SEC and ACC. Only West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Texas handled business like they are expected to. When you play a lesser team, you should crush them, and it is okay if the team hangs with you and schemes well in the first two to four drives, but two to four quarters is unacceptable.

Texas Tech University vs Houston Baptists

TTU cannot get outscored in the second half so bad that a failed 2-pt conversion is the only thing separating them from the ranks of god awful Big 12 teams. Zappe threw 567 yards, and the coach couldn’t stop the bleeding at all? At one point when do the fans demand a defensive coordinator that’s worth a damn? For years the weak point of the conference was the fact that they couldn’t stop the SEC offenses that they were always matched up with in the playoffs, yet they still don’t recruit top DBs or LBs. Oh and lest we think that Houston Baptist was a worthwhile team with National Title hopes, they got worked by North Texas.

Iowa State University vs Louisiana-Lafayette University

Next time don’t tell me Brock Purdy is a Heisman sleeper…145 yards with ZERO TDs. With a passing game that is all but extinct and an average rushing attack, how could ISU think they were stealing the division from OU? They went three quarters without finding pay dirt or sneaking through the uprights. Lafayette is a talented team, they gave Mississippi State troubles last year, and they have a very talented head coach. I guess they deserve a slot in the Big 12, maybe the conference would start to become competitive after that. Point being, Iowa State can’t allow a group of 5 team to come to their home turf and knock them out. Quick tip for the coach: maybe practice kick returns.

University of Kansas vs Coastal Carolina

The brightside: they were able to stop the bleeding for the third quarter, the only quarter they were able to out score the high caliber superstar offense of Coastal Carolina. How do you let this happen two years in a row? What is Les Miles doing over there? For all the credit he likes to take for winning after Saban left LSU, you would think that he would at least be able to outscore Coastal Carolina for more than one quarter of football. Coastal isn’t running behind a convoy of 18-wheelers like they do at Alabama, yet they have two 70 yard rushers.

Kansas State University vs Arkansas State

Arkansas State outpaced Kansas State in rushing and in passing. Really I keep harping on it, but honest to God, stop them from scoring for more than a quarter. Kansas State doesn’t grow from year to year, they are stagnant as a mediocre shell of a power five school. There isn’t much to say that is positive about Kansas State as a program this season.

Frankly, I don’t get why the Big 12 doesn’t develop a defensive system. I get that they like fireworks and 50 burgers. But when you can’t score and when you need a stop, what kind of team are you? The power five teams should get together and boot the Big 12…and the PAC 12 (but we’ll have to wait until next season to have that conversation).

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Analytics and Stats specialist.

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